Tourism is a transversal economic activity that can generate great benefits for the conservation of our cultural and natural diversity. We design processes and tools that allow the effective management of this economic activity and promote regenerative tourism with:


Whale shark

In 2016, we designed a project to achieve an effective management of the whale shark in the La Paz Bay, which we have implemented since 2017 through partnerships with SEMARANT, CONANP, civil society organizations such as WWF, ConCiencia México, Ecology Project International, Teach for Mexico, Big Blue, Parallel 28, Pelagios Kakunjá, as well as the private sector as Emprhotur.

The project considers 7 dimensions:

Since 2017, RED is part of the alliance #Desplastifícate (No plastics), comprised of 35 organizations of Baja California Sur.
It aims to eliminate the use of plastics -focused on straws, plastic bags, and styrofoam- through awareness campaigns and incidence in public policy. BCS has a law that restricts the use of the three products. Now it is our turn to spread the word between the tourism micro-enterprises involved in our projects.


From 2015 to 2017, RED and Niparajá A.C. conducted a diagnosis of the tourism and the visitors’ profile of Balandra Natural Protected Area. This information is the input to design the Public Use Program.

Soil restoration

In 2016, RED de Turismo Sustentable designed a soil restoration module that is managed by the community of Rancho San José, in Sierra La Laguna. With the participation of tourists, it has been possible to start the restoration in the area.

Gray Whale Watching

During 2016, we executed a project to encourage that gray whale watching activity would follow the regulations and best practices principles. In partnership with SEMARNAT we:

    • Perform a communication campaign with digital and printed material
    • Participate in the training organized by SEMARNAT for tour operators of Bahía Magdalena
    • Conducted a workshop with tourist guides and staff of the tourism sector in La Paz

Cabo Pulmo

RED collaborated with CONANP to implement tools for the effective management of tourism in the Cabo Pulmo National Park. We designed and conducted a workshop to promote best practices among tourist guides. To provide continuity, RED designed training manuals for CONANP. Although CONANP has adapted the content, the workshop stills mandatory for all people who guides in the Park.