In the next 5 years, RED cooperate with different stakeholders to strengthen capacities and promote economically viable tourism models that contribute to equitable socioeconomic development and the conservation of cultural and natural heritage in Mexico.


In Mexico, tourism allows its inhabitants to live with dignity in harmony with their cultural and natural heritage.


Sustainable Economies

    • Promote economic alternatives through low-impact tourism models
  • Generate a base of people, operators and companies strengthened and trained to provide high-quality tourism services

Tourism for Conservation

    • Generate tools to strengthen the management of tourism in natural protective areas
  • Support conservation and social development activities through tourism activities

Hybrid model

RED’s hybrid model combines a for-profit tour operator that offers world-class “Conservation Adventures,” with a non-profit organization that provides training, small business incubation and technical assistance in rural communities throughout Mexico.

Their objectives are:

  • Develop sustainable economic alternatives in rural and coastal communities in northwestern Mexico
  • Support conservation activities and social development
  • Promote tourism models in Mexico based on the sustainability principle

Although both share the same objectives, they work with different strategies. In addition, the operation and the administration are carried out separately and autonomously.